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Entry 21st October 2020: Post 2: Playing an emulator on an emulator.

Playing an emulator on an emulator.

Not sure I can get my head round this but today I found myself
playing a Spectrum emulator on the Amiga emulator. The version is
the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator V1.71 dated 7 June 1993.

It worked surprisingly well and loaded the games in a blink of an
eye. For someone who still uses cassette tapes to play on the
Spectrum then that is very much appreciated. The disk also includes
a copy of the ROM which is the copyright of Amstrad so you're all
set to go at the loading of the ADF.

I did try the 'Speculator' last year but discovered it was time
gated and they expected me to pay. Don't have to now, I have my
own Spectrum on the Amiga on the PC. I also found another disk
with a whole bag of emulators. How cool is that.

Some of the games I had never seen before... The one called Skool
Daze is quite intriguing and I gotta say makes for interesting
gaming. I also have a copy of Elite.. whoo hoo !

Anyway I'm happy. I can always play it on the Amiga. Coolio !!

Playing an emulator on an emulator.

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