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Entry 22nd October 2020: Post 1: Preserving the Dungeons and the Dragons.

Preserving the Dungeons and the Dragons.

Seems like I spent a lifetime fighting dragons in dungeons. With
my gathered band of heroes I have ventured through darkened
chambers in search of treasure. Battling endless mobs and traver-
sing the most treacherous of environments. But I succeeded. Often
by the skin of my teeth but I always did it. So in these times of
reflection its probably a good idea to back up my spoils.

So I sat today with the Amiga 1200 and carefully, not only copied
each and every disk , but also made ADF images so I can recreate
disks of my beloved games. Only when you have copied every single
file can you be sure that the disks are truly intact.

I took the opportunity also to back up my Ishar and other dungeon
based games. You can never have too many copies.

As for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, I guess I have moved on a
bit since the days they were created. Not sure I could play these
games with any enthusiasm. They follow the same basic formula. You
are introduced to your challenge. You then assemble a team of the
usual spread of tank, healer, dps and ranged attacker. You venture
out into the world and take on creatures and bosses until you reach
your goal. It's basically what all DnD and MMORPGs expect of you.

Anyhoo.. All backed up onto CD so I can have a rest from adventuring.

For now... !!!

Preserving the Dungeons and the Dragons.

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