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Entry 3rd October 2021: Post 1: Apple DOS and Woz.

Apple DOS and Woz.

It wouldn't be fair on me to feature various versions of early
DOS without giving a mention to Apple and DOS versions, 3.1, 3.2
and 3.3. So there I did it... cuppa tea me thinks.

OK... In 1977 the Apple was released and at that time it had no
disk controller. Steve Wozniak designed the single drive Disk ][
controller later that year and would have designed the DOS to go
with it had it not been for Steve Jobs outsourcing it to a company
called Shepardson Microsystems.

There is no version of DOS below 3.1 and each of the subsequent
versions also had releases of bug fixes.

The software appears to come on a disk and is accompanied with a
book. It is designed for use on an Apple computer which is a
computer released in 1977. However it didn't have a disk drive
then... so Steve Wozniak designed one...for the Apple ][. He
worked with Steve Jobs, on the Apple ][... a computer. Pretty
popular I think and they did go on to make a phone I am told.

Bored now.

There you go full details on Apple DOS. You really don't need to
read about this on an obscure retro site. Especially as I have
very little interest in the platform and would have to go read up
on it myself. So really very little point.

What I want to know is why Apple did use to be spelt A.P.P.L.E.
So do the words mean something else ? It's a mystery. Maybe I
will go and find out. Or not... probably not.

For more information about Apple just Google it. I'm off to play
World of Warcraft... way more interesting. While I remember I did
buy 6 Ultra Power D type alkaline batteries in prep for a future
blog featuring a new acquisition, just today. I bet that's got you
thinking. I can assure you it will be more interesting than DOS.

I do like Steve Wozniak.  I always imagine Steve going up to Jobs
and in a very excited voice suggest to him that they should add
extra added trumpets and loads more bells and whistles to the
computer and Jobs answers ' Er no. Go away '. After all Woz
designed the disk controller cus his mate had created this bit of
software for signing cheques, which sadly failed cus of the load
times. Steve could see the guy was in trouble, and with Jobs on
the prowl he went home and pulled an all nighter to create the
drive for the bloke. And so the guy kept his job and Apple got a
disk controller. Steve got a big pie from Mrs Miggins and all was
well again in Castle Apple and the little dwarves went back down
the mines happy that they had pleased the wicked Job prince.

I can't back any of that up. I just had to write something else.

Apple DOS and Woz.

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