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Entry 9th October 2021: Amiga FixDisk and WorkStation.

Amiga FixDisk and WorkStation.

Just a quicky today following a recent query regarding FixDisk.
I do need to return to my massive collection of images I took
this summer and hopefully I'll be back in the saddle tomorrow.

OK FixDisk. This software was written by Werner Gunther and did
appear on various Fred Fish disks. It was also released as part
of CU Amiga cover disk number 16 and Amiga Computing disk for
March 1991. Both can be downloaded from the EAB Magazine Rack.
The software was never part of the Workbench but was part of a
project created by Amiga Computing and published by Europress
called WorkStation.

The origins of WorkStation are unclear but I sense it may have
been a special release featured in Amiga Computing. The various
programs on the disk are rich and varied and include SID file
manager. What is even more terrific about this disk is that it
boots into a cut down version of Workbench and as such gives
much of the functionality of Workbench together with a disk
utility, file manager, text editor, icon editor etc.

The disk may still be floating around so check it out.

FixDisk works on the Amiga 500 but sadly DiskSalv does not.

Whilst going through my disks for this post I discovered a
few interesting goodies. One is Magnum disk magazine that had
some really good AMOS stuff on it plus the music intro featured
below. Where the image of Madonna came from I can't recall. The
games compilation by TED is featured to show a simple index
following the recent blog on how to link a style cover to various
games on a disk. Also gave me the opportunity to play Cave Runner
and Asteroids amongst other things.

When I do features like this I am always amazed at how much can
be crammed onto a single DD floppy disk for the Amiga.

The Amiga used today was an Amiga 500Plus with ROM switcher and
external floppy drive running on the black 1084S.

Scuse the blurred shot but recording
video tends to cause me issues. Featured
is the disk magazine Magnum Version 1.0 1992.

Amiga FixDisk and WorkStation.

FixDisk v1.2

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