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Entry 10th October 2021: Heroes of the Lance ADD-CPC464-A500.

Heroes of the Lance ADD-CPC464-A500.

Heroes of the Lance a classic Advanced Dungeons and Dragons title
and one I was keen to test on a CPC464 that I had out on the bench.
The idea being that I would 'simply' check the CPC464 tape drive
by using this game. Didn't work out that way.

The game starts to load and then just kicks out and we are thrust
back to the READY prompt. I did have a few backup games to
check in the form of Castle Master, Goblins and Ghosts and Turbo
Outrun which all worked. But no joy with my Dungeons and Dragons.

Never mind, happens. The CPC was running fine. I replaced the belt
a few years back and after the summer I tend to give her a run out.
She was using the green screen for power which only needed the two
connectors as there was no 12V for the 3" drive [ not fitted ].

OK I decided to move to another CPC464 on the full colour monitor
and the external DDI-1 3" drive, but this too had the same problem
of kicking out during loading. So I finished up playing Sorcery.

I really dislike failing to do something so I set up the game on
the trusty Amiga. Obviously not using the tape. For a game of 1988
I did find the graphics quality on the 500 just wonderful. I do
like the Dungeons and Dragons games... or should I say' Advanced'.
I have quite a few DnD type of games sitting next to the 500 in
the disk room. Nothing eases you into a dark Autumn night better
than a bit of DnD.

This is a very good game and probably one of my favourites. I hadn't
realised I had a boxed version on the Amstrad. The game requires
you to answer a question from the manual so make sure you have a
copy handy. This game does not mess about with the niceties and
you are thrust into battle almost straight away. And it is not an
easy job defeating the bad guys. You do need to know how to move
your party around and fight suitable characters to specific mob
strengths and attributes. It really is a very good example of the
old 'hero quest' style of game. Loved it.

In the end I was glad I played on the Amiga as the game loads way
more quickly, or as in this case, actually loaded. I may source the
tape to get the game with its box. I never found Castle Master as
intoxicating, though Sorcery is a hoot and a half. It really is so
wonderful having all the platforms to dip into. The manuals are the
same so I just reached over for the Amstrad book when time came to
add the answer on the A500.

I am happy to report that the CPC464 machines with the tape worked
just fine, though on the one with the external drive I do need to
instruct the computer to use the tape '|TAPE' and not the disc.

Heroes of the Lance a Dragonlance Action Game. Advanced Dungeons
and Dragons. Program created by US Gold Ltd. Design and coordinator
Laurence H Miller. Programming team, Alan Bridgeman, Matt Ellis,
Graham Lilley, Teoman Irmak and Anthony Scott. Box Art Jeff Easley.

TSR Inc 1988 Strategic Simulations Inc.

Some jolly DnD music for you

Heroes of the Lance ADD-CPC464-A500.

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