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Entry 11th October 2021: Amstrad CPC464 PP7 Promotional Pack.

Amstrad CPC464 PP7 Promotional Pack.

In all the years of collecting Amstrad computers I have never
found a presentation style box for the CPC464 similar to the C64.
I have boxed versions of the computer and the monitor, but not
a presentation set complete with artwork.

I do have a PP7 box set of games and joystick which I assume is
a Presentation Pack or Promotional Pack, and which by nature
would suggest  a minimum of six others. All the cassette games
are labelled Amstrad and not for resale. There is no full list
of games so I have no idea what made up the 17. There is a list
of the featured games but not the rest.

Inside the box is a cute little Amstrad joystick, the Dixons
bag it came in and a leaflet on DBase which I will discuss on
the blog tomorrow. Just a shame there is no reference to what
this box came with, if indeed it was shipped with a computer.
I have to think it was shipped with a package of some kind
because from the box description it was completely free.

If you are looking for a retro adventure and like the 8-bit era
of tape based games, I can certainly recommend the CPC464. You
would need to find a suitable Amstrad monitor, but with just
that and a joystick you're made really. The tapes generally work
and the machine is both a games computer and proper BASIC and
even CP/M unit when hooked up with an external floppy drive.
I always enjoy my time on the CPC464 and somehow get dragged
away from the featured games and  complete the session playing
Hacker or Star Raiders.

Anyhoo that was nearly my day on the CPC464. The rubber bands
on the cassette player were all still functioning OK and the
power switch still crackled into service. Not a bad computer.

Amstrad CPC464 PP7 Promotional Pack.

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