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Entry 13th October 2021: dBASEII and my database obsession.

dBASEII and my database obsession.

What set this little hare a running was the discovery of the small
booklet for dBase in the bottom of that Amstrad PP7 I reviewed the
other day. I was sure I had dBASEII. I was very confident of finding
the disc and or manual amongst my C64 and Amstrad stuff. Sadly I
uncovered nothing. There is a chance it is tucked away with my C64
software as I have so much. The product is so familiar to me as is
the title description. I will have another look.

I do have other Amstrad database software but I guess I would like
to uncover DBASEII. This software was really the first of the best
and came out as DBASEII. There was no version I. Published by
Ashton-Tate for CP/M it was soon to become one of the best selling
software titles of 1984.

For my part I was creating data bases even before I had a computer.
The very first thing I did with my ZX81 was design a data base so
I could catalogue and keep track of all my articles in the Architects
Journal. I still have my tapes labelled SAJ: Subject AJ.

By the time I moved to the PCW9512 I was using RPED and Mallard
BASIC to fashion my own data base lists. These would grow into many
disks all labelled A to Z or simply A-Z. I have so many CF-2 disks
with versions of my data base on them. RPED was a truly wonderful
text editor created by Roland Perry at Amstrad and born out of their
being no text editor with CP/M. I like to think of it as Roland in
the Card Index.

With the Amiga came Softwood File IIsg which originally came on a
cover disk and which I eventually purchased. Has to be the best DB
software ever created. So simple to use and so easy to edit. I had
been using WordWorth and even Mini Office but these paled into
insignificance in comparison to Softwood. And such a small program.

Fortunately HTML came along after 1996 and gave me the best tool
possible to create my own database. In truth my own version of a DB
application has always been way better than any pre-made software.
And today I am still building my vast database.

For the Spectrum and Amstrad you really can't beat Mini Office and
I have all versions. Thing is I had a bit of a problem on the CPC464
with the CF-2 and tried to copy this with DiscKit3 and CP/M on the
6128Plus but discovered it was protected. If I had my tools disc I
could have hex dumped the software and changed the flag.

Talking of tools I created a nifty CV Tools entry for my Amstrad
data file similar to the Amiga so Clara Veiga has now transferred
also over to taste a bit of that particular 'Sugar'. Sweet.

It is really funny what I find in some of my boxed software. Top of
a very large pile of Mini Office boxes was one with my MegaloSound
sampler inside. Made me laugh.

dBASEII and my database obsession.

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