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Entry 16th October 2021: Post 2: Chasing Clive Lomas - Disk Boxes Part 2.

Chasing Clive Lomas - Disk Boxes Part 2.

Whilst I had the Amiga 500 on the bench with the KCS PowerPC card
I thought it might be interesting to show one or two of Clive Lomas'
disk boxes. I make real effort to keep complete disk box contents
intact so that I can be sure I have all that came with a computer
or collection. I do copy all disks and retain the archive as a
complete set so that I can rebuild the disk box if necessary.

The disks shown represent an Amigan that was simply enjoying his
hobby and using the software available to the Amiga at the time.
Although he certainly enjoyed his gaming it is obvious that the
more serious software was his main interest. I do enjoy sifting
through his disks cus I always find something useful. Remember
that this is only one small fraction of what I have here.

And so if you have never seen a snapshot of an Amiga disk box from
the late eighties, or just want a reminder of what it was like
then take a look at one of the many disk boxes from the Clive Lomas
Amiga collection. By the way, he did have the original software
and disks and these I keep in deep store.... safe.

Happy days.

Chasing Clive Lomas - Disk Boxes Part 2.

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