ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2021

Entry 18th October 2021: Post 1: Amiga 1200 - Failed hard drive freezer trick.

Amiga 1200 - Failed hard drive freezer trick.

I made the mistake of not checking one of my dodgy internal hard
drives on an Amiga Technologies 1200 and sadly the thing had stuck
again. So here is what I did ...

The Amiga Technologies machine arrived here faulty as ever and I
spent some time swapping stuff out and fixing various issues. The
face-work on these Escom machines rarely go yellow as I don't 
believe there is any of the older intumescent in the surface finish.

I always place bubble wrap on the bench to protect the surface of
the keyboard. Always use the correct screw drivers for removing 
the case screws. I then place a couple of full cartons of juice 
behind the Amiga and then prop the keyboard open leaning against 
the full cartons. Never over stretch the ribbon by laying the 
keyboard flat. And avoid unhitching the ribbon if your Amiga is 
working. The ribbon has only limited life so leave connected.

These drives are easier to stick down than screw down. Just makes 
it easier to remove and put back if you have to bang it with a 
rubber end to a screwdriver. Literally folding the drive out of 
the cradle lets you check for issues. I place a piece of folded 
paper under the drive when in the seated position.

The next part I never photograph as I really don't want to be liable
for anyone undertaking this and damaging their equipment. An so..
allegedly I place the drive in a water tight freezer bag and place
the bag and drive in the freezer compartment of a fridge for an 
hour or so. Or not. Either believe me or not. Your choice.

OK having retrieved the drive from wherever I put it I make sure
there is no condensation on the drive and then lightly tap the 
metal top of the drive , or not, and then reconnect and fire up. 
She works. Always works on these SeaGate drives. Whoopeedooodooo !

The drive contains my Amiga life as it was over two decades ago. 
I have backed up the drive for safe keeping but I do still like 
the drives working. I tend to never give up with them. If you 
watch the video of the floppy drive booting without the hard drive 
you will see the green LED on the port which is typical of the 
Escom era.

Anyway, as they say, the eye is in the beholder and only you can
judge what 'cockomaney' tricks to play to get your kit working. 
And so tomorrow I show how dropping a monitor from a first floor
window can actually frighten the crap out of next door's cat.

Amiga 1200 - Failed hard drive freezer trick.

Sounds like a failed drive - Booting from floppy

She's alive - Banged back into life.. again !

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