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Entry 23rd October 2021: Post 1: Uridium Plus - Phosphox and Zinc.

Uridium Plus - Phosphox and Zinc.

OK a quick one today... So what is the difference between one of
the versions of Uridium that begins on Phosphox and another that
starts on Zinc? Easy, the one on Phosphox is Uridium Plus and the
one on Zinc is your actual original Uridium. I'm sure everyone
knew that.

This game designed and programmed by Andrew Braybrook was released
by Hewson in 1986. For me I started playing this on the Spectrum.
The 'Plus' version came out in 1987 and has all levels named after
metal elements and coloured differently. Most significantly the
land option is available throughout as opposed to being on a time
limit on the first game. The story basically involves you going
out to confront a Super-Dreadnought that is invading the Solar
System. I believe there are 15 of these ships in all.

What you have to do ... Fly your small vessel and destroy the
smaller ships and ground armaments then land, enter the ship and
blow up its core. Easy peasy and loads of fun.

The game was also released on the Amiga as Uridium2 and was just
as good if not better. There were plenty of reviews and cover disks
and the game was a big favourite.

So now you know the difference between Phosphox and Zinc. I have
the game on tape and disc and I am told that the 'Plus' version
was optimised for the C128 in C64 mode. Today I played on the C64C
with 1571 5.25" floppy and Commodore datassette. Which was nice.

Uridium Plus - Phosphox and Zinc.

Uridium 2


I found my original C64 Uridium.

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