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Entry 26th October 2021: Post 1: AmigaOS XL for QNX and AMIthlon - Pegger and AEGIS.

AmigaOS XL for QNX and AMIthlon - Pegger and AEGIS.

A real mash up today featuring a number of Amiga related software.
The purpose is to provide images of box art so I can reference it
when chatting on forums. The featured software often gets referred
to but I fail to provide pictures. So this is to remedy that.

First up is AmigaOS XL which resides in a box that looks like it
had a bottle of red wine thrown at it. Not something I did.

To run AmigaOS XL you need a standard x86 PC with at least 600MHz
tact-rate and 128MB memory. 1GHz processor is better with 256MB RAM.

The software requires QNX 6.1 which has a micro-kernel and driver
system plus many similarities to the AmigaOS.

The software cost 112 British pounds in the day and was obtained
from EyeTech in July 2002. In the box came AmigaOS XL and QNX.

Number 2: Pegger

Pegger is a JPEG compress and decompress batch process program.

Number 3: AEGIS: Modeler 3D and VideoScape 3D

For all those that like their art creations in glorious 3D.

That was that for today. I am busy updating the CVINK library
and so seem to be spending all my hours doing that. If any of the
above requires further clarification then just mail me.

AmigaOS XL for QNX and AMIthlon - Pegger and AEGIS.

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