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Entry 29th October 2021: Post 1: Amiga 500 Plus - E632 EMI Filter.

Amiga 500 Plus - E632 EMI Filter.
So frustrating with literally hundreds of photographs of the A500
Plus I didn't have one image of the E632 EMI Filter area of the
board. So I dragged out four old broken boards from store and set
to taking pictures.

The component, of which there is a pair, sit between the the CIA
chips and closest to the ODD CIA. They are yellow in colour and
have three legs.

The traces from E632 appear from left to right looking from the
front of the computer go, left to below the keyboard connector
and down to the back of the machine, middle to R501 [ resistor ],
and the right has to be viewed from below the board and goes
under the adjacent CIA chip and down the board to the PAULA I 

I did take X-RAY images of the boards which show both EMI components
having a middle leg going to resistor R501.

Please note that all these boards came dead on arrival approx 15
years or so ago and had been neglected by being stored in damp wet
conditions. The sockets had corroded and the battery had leaked
very badly on the mother boards. I swapped out the boards in each
case and the four computers are still working. You could pick up
salvaged A500 Plus keyboards in the early 2000s for a couple of
quid. I have also placed A500 motherboards in A500 Plus cases.

Amiga 500 Plus - E632 EMI Filter.

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