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Entry 31st October 2021: Post 1: C64 Software - Calc Result.

C64 Software - Calc Result.

C64 software Calc Result, 'The Spread Sheet' by Handic. This software
was promoted as a business software package, and one that worked in
three dimensions no less. Split into three sections the manual shows
the equipment requirements, a lesson by lesson tutorial and a full
listing of the Calc Result commands.

Anyway if you like Spread Sheets and enjoy going back in time on the
very wonderful C64 then this software may be of interest. Personally
I find it dull as soup. The manual is very colourful and does appear
to make the learning process quite simple.

The software comes with a cartridge and 5.25" disks and although is
shown as a PET-DISK is designed for the VIC20 and or C64.

The software was a welcome addition to my growing library of serious
Commodore software for the 8-BiT era.

Anyhoo that was October. More next month, which I believe is tomorrow.

C64 Software - Calc Result.

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