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Entry 1st October 2022: Post 2: AmigaZ80 - CP/M Emulator.

AmigaZ80 - CP/M Emulator.

Some years back I discussed the CP/M emulator for the Amiga on
the Yahoo Groups. I gave the link but never tried it out for
myself. I have run the program on the Amiga emulator and whilst
I managed to get the window active I had no keyboard control. So
tomorrow I will try on an actual Amiga, and see how I get on.

For now I give you the Aminet link for the emulator plus the
readme file. So catch up later this week and see how I got on.

Just been advised of a CP/M Emulator for the Amiga

Aminet Link:
Aminet Link:

[ below not my words ]

This is the best CP/M ver. 2.2 emulator for Amiga  computers.  It 
is run from the CLI (Command Line Interface) shell.

There are CPU-specific versions of the program for the 68000, 68010,
68020, 68030, 68040 CPUs, & a generic version (AMIGAZ80.ALL).  If
you have a 68060 accelerator, use the 68040-specific CPU version.

The program is written in C, so don't expect assembler execution

I believe that the author, Bill Haygood told me that the screen
format this CP/M emulator uses is an ADM3 (?) or something like
that.  It's definitely not using Osborne screen control characters.  
I asked him about that.  Just something to keep in mind when
installing WordStar 4.0 or dBase 2.43*, both of which I legally
own, under this emulator.

AmigaZ80 - CP/M Emulator.

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