ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2022

Entry 2nd October 2022: Post 1: AmigaZ80 - CP/M Emulator [ update ].

AmigaZ80 - CP/M Emulator [ update ].

Just a quick update on the CP/M emulator and what was missing from
the readme instructions is that when in the SHELL you need to CD
or 'change directory' to the emulator folder and then instruct the
boot process. I had simply placed the tools in C. With the directory
changed the emulator fired up and a quick DIR presented me with a
lot of the familiar CP/M commands.

Job done. I ran the CP/M emulator on both a real Amiga 1200 030 and
the emulator on this machine. Worked just fine.

AmigaZ80 - CP/M Emulator [ update ].

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