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Entry 2nd October 2022: Post 2: AmigaGuide - Useful tools.

AmigaGuide - Useful tools.

Yesterday I featured a garbled guide on creating an AmigaGuide
document. Today I give you to download five disks with the basic
tools necessary to create an AmigaGuide for yourself.

Ag1 - CygnusEd Text Editor
Ag2 - DirectoryOpusIV
Ag3 - Useful Tools
Ag4 - AUI JFIF DataType
Ag5 - How to Write an AmigaGuide

CygnusEd is a handy text editor and useful for writing AmigaGuides.

DopusIV is a file manager for copying those tools around Workbench.

The Handy Tools in the General Folder are useful if you don't have
the various Libraries and DataTypes plus Utilities and C Tools.
Just copy what you don't have to the respective folders.

Essential to linking JPG images is the correct JFIF DataType and
this MUST be installed. Not simply copied. I provide an AUI cover
disk extract of essential DataTypes. Install the JFIF type.

The last disk is a guide on how to write an AmigaGuide.

When creating an AmigaGuide you can link images and the like. The
AmigaGuide works very similar to an HTML document. Trouble is that
without the respective DataType you won't see JPG images and the
like. So Olivia Paige, shown on the link page, will not display.
That is why the JFIF DataType must be installed.

There are packages that let you auto create AmigaGuide docs from
simple instruction. Heddley is an example and these can be found
on cover disks and from Aminet.

Hope that makes sense.

AmigaGuide - Useful tools.

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