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Entry 4th October 2022: Post 1: Amigas in the round.

Amigas in the round.

I wasn't going to show my testing of my most used Amigas in the
workshop but I had the camera handy, so hey, what the heck.

My main Amigas are in a a complete circle around my seating
position so I literally can swivel from one to the next. My most
beloved and valued Amiga is my original A1200 with the external
SCSI tower of drives, CD and ZIP running off an SCSI KIT and
Blizzard 1230IV Turbo.

The A500 has the GVP side car and Philips monitor and is used to
test Amiga demo disks and games. She sits next to two A4000s. The
one A4000 displays through a Mitsubishi monitor off a PicassoIV.
The main A4000/040 has the archive of all my disks and is then
connected to an A1200 with the ZIP drive next door.

The A1200 with the second tower of SCSI kit has a Squirrel PCMCIA
and is very useful for creating ZIP disks and floppy disks taken
from the A4000.

To my left as I sit at my favourite A1200 is another A1200 that
has the GVP Turbo and Surf Squirrel. This machine I tend to use
when on the bench photographing stuff and also play a mass of
games given I filled the hard drive with some favourites.

Anyhoo all the computers reported in for duty. The images of the
screens were taken today, though the computer images are recent.
As ever I apologise for some of the blurred pictures as I hadn't
got the tripod fully set up. They show enough to convey what I
was doing.

That is all my active machines tested now and so I can nestle in
to the winter session, which has to be the best time for me and
the computer. I hadn't doubted these lot were working cus they
tend to get used all the time anyway. It really is wonderful
having a complete circle of Amigas around you when working given
that from one seated position I can pretty much do anything that
the Amiga is capable of. I also have the Amiga networked to PC's
around the house so the transfer of data and receiving of files
is pretty seamless. Just happy they keep on working.

Amigas in the round.

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