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Entry 5th October 2022: Post 1: Amstrad 6128 - We all make mistakes.

Amstrad 6128 - We all make mistakes.

I am generally very careful around the computers, however, I guess
we all have our silly moments. Mine yesterday was to turn quickly
and smack my hand straight into my tea cup causing a wave of
fresh tea to spill over into a box of my Amstrad CP/M disks. Panic
ensued and I was quickly drying out several disks on tissue and
leaving them to dry.

The disks were my CP/M Plus and Arnor C disks plus some library
and backup disks. I carry the box around with me when using the
Amstrad and I was simply comparing the files with the Amiga files
on the emulator. Never mind.

There was nothing to do but to test the disks once they had dried
on the 6128 and a green screen monitor on the bench.

Points of note with the Amstrad is the need to power the computer
from the monitor. There is also a separate feed for the disk drive.

The Amstrad uses the special 3" CF2 Compact Floppy Disk which on
the 6128 is double sided so you can flip the thing over. The rigid
plastic case prevented the disks from becoming drenched in tea.

To use the commands in BASIC to view the contents of a disk you
enter CAT and RETURN. If you are using a CPC464 you use the special
key to advise the computer to use an external drive , the vertical
bar '|'. To fire up CP/M you also use the special key '|cpm'. To
view contents once in CP/M you now use the 'DIR' command.

CP/M is a command line OS and responds to keyboard commands. The
OS is not particularly visually stimulating and relies on a healthy
understanding of text and numbers. Like DOS.

Anyhoo the disks were fine and I was able to use all of them.
The thing I like about the 6128 is the lack of connectors. Once
you detach the three monitor connectors the computer becomes
easy to pick up and store away.

Time for a cuppa me thinks. Or not. Hmmm....

Amstrad 6128 - We all make mistakes.

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