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Entry 6th October 2022: Post 1: Prinzsound RTR 45 - Radio Cassette Recorder.

Prinzsound RTR 45 - Radio Cassette Recorder.

I have added another Prinzsound to the collection. This time it is
the RTR 45. You may recall that I was in search of my illusive
RTR 16 and came across an RTR 30, well a boxed RTR 45 came on the
Bay and I couldn't resist it. A smaller more compact version but
still with all the same features. I have no idea of age, given the
lack of information on the internet.

The pictures on the box are an odd selection. They suggest a happy
go lucky couple with their boat, plus images of the beach. Another
shows a typical swinging party of the era.

Features include:

Finger tip tuning control.
Sliding controls for volume and tone.
Push button controls for recorder.
Built in condenser microphone.
Automatic recording level.
Battery / main operation.
Built-in telescopic aerial.
Complete with auxiliary socket.

And let us not forget the very important wooden side panels.

I also obtained a genuine Prinzsound C-60 cassette tape with a head
cleaning leader with a selection of music from Israel. In addition
I dug out some suitable microphones.

Anyhoo I'm on a roll now with two Prinzsound machines. Cool.

Prinzsound RTR 45 - Radio Cassette Recorder.

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