ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2022

Entry 6th October 2022: Post 2: I haven't given up on computers just yet.

I haven't given up on computers just yet.

I collect computers ..

A600 ,A600HD Amiga 1000,A1200,A1200HD,A1200HD/40,A1500,Checkmate,
A2000,A2000HD,A3000,A3000T,A3000UX,A3000 AMAX II,A4000d,A4000T,
EZ-Tower,Ateo Concepts,MiniMig,CD32,CDTV,SX32,Acorn Atom,Electron,
Archimedes,A3000,A3010,A3020,A5000,A7000,RISCStation,Pocket Book,
AEG 2000,Colour Genie,Alcatel,Telic,Amstrad GX4000,CPC464,464 Plus,
CPC664,CPC6128,6128 Plus,PC1512 DD,PC1512-HD20,PC16,PCW8256,PCW9512,
PCW9512+,PCW9256,PPC 512,PPC 640,Notepad,NC200,Alt386SX,MegaPC,
PenPad,Apple Apple II,Apple IIe,Classic,PowerPC,Quadra 650,LCII,
Performa,G4,iMac,Apricot XI,Portable,Mitsubishi VS550,Atari 400,
800,Woody CX2600,2600,2600 Junior Short Rainbow,2600 Junior Large
Rainbow,600XL,800XL,7800,Falcon,Jaguar,65XE,XE,130XE,520 STFM,
104,ST,1040 STFM,1050,Lynx,Portfolio,BBC Model B,Master System,
Bit79,Z88,Canon V-20,PB-100,FX-720P,FX-802P,Cifer Club,DataView,
DataView25,Dk'Tronics,Dragon Dragon64,Enterprise,Sixty Four,
Epson,HX-20,Franklin Spellmaster,Grundy New Brain Model A,New Brain,
Husky Hunter,Jupiter Cantab Jupiter Ace,JVC HC-7,Matra Hachette,
Alice Mattel,Aquarius,Memotech MTX500,Miles Gordon Sam Coupe,
Mitubishi MSX ML-F48,MSX  ML-F80,ORIC ORIC-1,Atmos,Osborne Osborne-1,
NEC, 8300,Panasonic REAL 3D0 FZ-1 ,Philips Philips G7000 ,Philips
V6-8010 ,Philips CDi 210 ,Philips CDi 450,Sanyo  MSX PHC-28L,MSX
MPC-100,MBC-550,Sharp PC 7221,MZ-80K,MZ 711,Sinclair ZX8,Spectrum +3,
Sinclair QL,PC200,Alphacom,MiniTV,SONY HiT BiT,HB-101P,PRN-C41,
Sord,GGL M5,Spectravideo,SVI 728,Systema Type-right,Tatung Einstein,
Texas Instr TI99/4a,Silent 700,MSX,Toshiba MSX HX-10,MSX HX-10 KIT,
Tandy TRS-80 Model 4,TRS-80 Color,TRS-80 Color 2,TRS-80 MC-10,TRS
Model 100,Pocket Computer,Yamaha XSM,CX5MII/128,IBM AT,IBM PS/1,
IBM 300GL,PS/2 Luggable,Compaq Portable,Compaq III,Zenith Data
Systems - Desktop,Ameltone Stadium,Colourscore,Visionscore,Grandstand
4600,ITML SD-90 ,Teleng ,TV Sport,Genius,NEC,Turbografx,Nintendo
Famicom,Famicom Family BASIC,Disk System,Famicom Extras,NES ,
Famicom Junior,SNES,Gameboy,Gameboy Colour,Gameboy Advance,Gameboy  
Advance SP,Nintendo64,Gamecube,Sega,Master System,Mega Drive,Super
32X,Saturn,White Saturn,Dreamcast,Orange Dreamcast,Mega CD,SNK,
Pocket NeoGeo,NeoGeo Console,Sony,Playstation,PSone,PocketStation,
Playstation 2,Playstation 3,BanDai,WonderSwan Color,XBOX,XBOX 360
Elite,Dark Tower.

I don't collect anything like the amount of computers and computer
kit the I use to. This is mainly due to space limitations in the
house. The list above isn't truly representative of what I have
given that I have multiples of the same model. I have for example
no less than 31 Amiga 1200s, and 125 Amigas. Not forgetting all
the peripherals, media, books, games and gadgets. It has been a
most rewarding process building up the collection.

I do dabble with a lot of other things and of late I have been
putting together smaller collections of Airfix sets, games boxes
and cassette radios from the 70's. I will continue to fill in the
spaces with the Amiga, but new acquisitions are likely to be none
computer related. I have a couple of Amiga items coming this week.
More on that later.

One other minor point, and that is the cost of old computers. Folk
want the earth for any old junk these days. Worse is that items
such as magazines and disks have become highly priced. I could
purchase whole collections of disks for the price of a single disk
these days.

Anyhoo.. that was just a comment. I haven't given up on computers
I just haven't got the space for the bulkier items. Added to the
fact I ought to leave some things for others to buy. I guess I
have enough really.

I haven't given up on computers just yet.

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