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Entry 7th October 2022: Post 1: Amiga 500 guide - Upgrade 1MB Chip RAM.

Amiga 500 guide - Upgrade 1MB Chip RAM.

Just a quickie tonight as I've been waiting all day for a delivery
from the Post Office for my subject for today's blog. Thankfully
the good old Post Office came through albeit very late in the
afternoon. So that little treat will have to wait till tomorrow.

Three cheers for the Post Office. I won't have a bad word said
about them.

Anyhoo ... One topic that comes up a lot is the work needed to an
older A500 motherboard to upgrade the AGNUS to allow for the 1MB
of chip RAM. I sense this is something to do with WHLoad or what
ever it is called. I always refer to the Feb 92 edition of Amiga
Format Issue 31 which explains how to upgrade the ROM, Denise and
the AGNUS. And so to assist in future discussion I thought I would
scan the pages in and post them on the blog. There are just two.

There you go ...

Amiga 500 guide - Upgrade 1MB Chip RAM.

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