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Entry 8th October 2022: Post 1: AUI May and July 94 - Rarest of the rare.

AUI May and July 94 - Rarest of the rare.

A little while back I featured Amiga User International magazine
March/April 1994 with the very first CD on an Amiga magazine. At
the time I did not own AUI May 94 and July 94 which featured the
CDs numbered 2 and 3, having only the CDs and the cover disks.
Well all that changed yesterday when I acquired both magazines.

Amiga User International featured only three CDs on their magazine
before reverting back to the traditional double density cover-disks.
The CDs were designed to go with a CD magazine included within the
pages of AUI. I am not sure if the intention was to create a
break-away magazine focussed on the CD games for the Amiga.

AUI also sold at the time each of these three magazines with cover 
disks only and these covers are common. However the special CD 
covers for CDs 1, 2 and 3 have become pretty rare. The copies I 
obtained were not cheap and took quite a bit of soul searching 
before I parted with the cash. Anyway, they are here now and I am 
so pleased.

The magazines feature the CD1200 plus a review of the A4000T of all
things. They are a great read, even after all these years. For me
though, the joy was being able to reunite the cover CDs with the
magazines themselves. It was also great reading the CD magazine
inside. All in all good additions to the collection.

Happy days.

AUI May and July 94 - Rarest of the rare.

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