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Entry 9th October 2022: Post 1: PrinzSound RTR 15 - Then there were three.

PrinzSound RTR 15 - Then there were three.

Well I'm definitely getting closer to my PrinzSound RTR 16. This
time I'm just one off the number with a PrinzSound RTR 15. So
close... so close.

Don't expect me to give any facts on this unit as there is very
little detail on the radio cassette, and I'm blowed if I can
find anything on the internet. The style of the unit lays the
cassette player on its back and there is no way to stand it up,
even though the carrying handle would suggest you could. I sense
a nervousness about having the cassette play in the vertical
position. Remember that this thing is 50 years old, and the
cassette itself was only invented some ten years prior to this
date. The controls are very basic and the piano style keys do
not carry the traditional symbology.

The use of wood-grain, and or real wood panels is evident from
the sides. It is interesting how gadgets such as these always
had wood elements. This harps back to the old walnut radio
gramophones which were entirely encased in wood.

Anyhoo, this cassette unit was sold as working, though I am not
minded to try. It is enough for me to have an example from the
period. And I haven't finished yet.

Interesting little side-quest this in search of the RTR type
cassette player recorders of the early seventies. They all are
of a distinct shape and style, and many are now sold as props
rather than actual usable players. Expecting kit like this to
work after all these years is a bit optimistic.

That was that, and as I say I haven't finished yet. As ever.

PrinzSound RTR 15 - Then there were three.

I now have three... Incredible !!

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