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Entry 12th October 2022: Post 1: Noise and SoundTracker - Red Sector Demo Maker.

Noise and SoundTracker - Red Sector Demo Maker.

I have a simple rule when it comes to my 'busting a gut' to help
people who don't appreciate my efforts... I don't bother.

There was a request on a well known forum the other night for
details on where to download NoiseTracker and Stereo Master. I
followed up the post with a link to my site featuring the various
software of the 'Trackers' plus all the features in Amiga mags
plus information on which cover disks had the software for music
creation on them. I even linked a download page from my site with
the disks available. I also discussed StereoMaster with images.

Next I pulled one of my favourite music creation disk boxes with
the very splendid Red Sector Demo Maker software. This and various
module disks including OctamedPro. I ADF copied and put together a
fistful of fresh archived files for download.

Anyhoo, most typical of forums these days my post was not simply
ignored but received downvotes. It bothers me not in truth as I
have no caring of such actions. I simply delete the post, delete
the account and get on with doing other more rewarding things. I
feature today a selection of that which I had created ADF images
of, and which I was testing on the emulator prior to discovering
my efforts were not appreciated. Together with the Red Sector
Demo maker plus examples disks were a number of module archives,
OctaMedPro, various Sound and NoiseTrackers and example disks. It
was quite a healthy batch I can tell you.

Never mind, like I say, I always have plenty to do here, and in
the end it is truly their loss. I am somewhat bewildered by the
attitude of these social media sites, but then life is way too
short to dwell on such matters. So I don't. I am the wind.


Noise and SoundTracker - Red Sector Demo Maker.

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