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Entry 13th October 2022: Post 1: PCW9512 - Familiarising myself with CP/M.

PCW9512 - Familiarising myself with CP/M.

Some days are better than others, and some days you attain things
that you have been searching  years for. Today, fingers crossed,
was one such day. If all goes to plan I sense it is time to pay
a visit to Mrs Miggins Pie Shop for a celebratory pie.

First, though, a little conundrum. It involves the very rare and
ever so slightly confusing CF2-DD Compact Floppy Disc designed
for Amstrads with a double headed drive. My research suggests
that the disc is the exact same disc as the CF2 and it was a ruse
by Amstrad to get folk to shell out more for a blue label. This
I hope to be true or I shall not be having pie.

I am very hopeful over the next day or two to be undertaking some
quite heavy disk[disc] management on the PCW. First though I need
to brush up on CP/Ms disk commands and the like. My book is about
to fall apart and so I took the opportunity of scanning in the
pages I need, so I can brush up on the PC. The process also gave
me the chance to review disk capacities and formatting processes.

Anyhoo, with heavy hope in my heart I stand now waiting and look
forward to satisfying a particular desire I have concerning some
old forgotten and lost files. All will be revealed soon I hope.

PCW9512 - Familiarising myself with CP/M.

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