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Entry 14th October 2022: Post 1: Amstrad PCW9512 - Let's go for another drive.

Amstrad PCW9512 - Let's go for another drive.

From my earlier efforts to repair a drive on a PCW9512. Since this
date I have uncovered another PCW9512 abandoned in my roof space.
I have organised a working party and we are preparing to venture
into the wilds some time soon.

Anyhoo, for those that didn't recall my first expedition into the 
inner workings of the PCW9512 and the notorious 3" drive here are 
my project notes.

I sense this will be a pointless exercise but even if it fails
I get to record how to open up and repair the drive belt on
and Amstrad PCW9512. Not a small undertaking by any measure

Just treading water till my new ToolKit arrives.

Amstrad PCW9512 - Let's go for another drive.

Trust me .. not a Dalek

The inner workings of the PCW9512

And somewhere in there is a disk drive

And a computer

Just have to avoid getting a shock

Sad little PCW9512 and not working
Bought this one earlier this year and
failed to get her up and running

Time to get digging

First I need to disconnect the
top tray from the bottom. First I release
the two earth connectors and the power

Next the two power connectors to
the motherboard below. I need to
free the top tray to slide it out

Next I remove the side bracket. This
bracket is in tension as it forms a
right angle with the main front fascia
and is carrying the weight of the tube

Remove the one large screw and washer
and release part of the tension support
to the main tube. Careful.

I then release the bottom screw and
bracket screws to the base of the plate

I can then unhook the plastic slide
that allows the tray to be withdrawn

The top tray can then be gently slid out
Note that on the other side there is a
similar plastic slide with a locking clip
just press in slightly to release

The idea is that this tray can be pulled
back normally to service the electronics

I ease the tray out carefully and rotate
to expose the disk drive casing below.

I then unscrew the case earth connector

There are four screws holding the case in place

The two on this side are a pig to get to
What I did was use a small screwdriver and
twist using a small pair of grips. Took for
ages. What I found is that I didn't need the
screws this side so I left them out so I could
easily remove in the future

I only generally screw drives in on one side
on all my machines.

I gently ease the case out

Twist and rotate

Eventually getting the end plate vertical
I need to be very careful here as there is
only just enough space for the drive and I
don't want to damage anything. Watching
the tube casing all the time and connectors

The end plate to the drive slides off and
allows removal of the ribbon and power. I
record which way the ribbon connects which
has the coloured ribbon edge to Pin 1

OK stage one complete and drive is out

No idea why there are so many shields
and casing covers to the unit

There are two casing covers and then the drive

And there she is

Ready to be re-rubbered

This unit has most of the large wheel visible

Back down the rabbit hole for a few choice
pictures of the PCW tomb for the records

Orange for tube and green for computer

A rather dusty motherboard

You can just make out the Zilog
zo765A08PSC 9050 and Amstrad chips

Capping my stuff would be a nightmare

The drive belt has been removed

All clean and tidy.. Did this earlier

There can be various electrical connectors
to the circuit board. The board can not be
fully removed as it is soldered one end. There
is also a write protect pin that will fall out

Make sure not to lose the write protect pin

Rubber drive belts at the ready

Drive belt replaced and checked

The write protect pin is re-inserted

That's the write protect pin to the
left of that screw

All back together and ready to go

I gave the front casing a good clean

Reinstalled the drive casing having first
given the base of the main case a dust

Reconnect the power and earth connectors

Check and lock into place the top tray

Reconnect the main motherboard

And fire her up

So did she work ?

Did she f*ck !!!!!

All the lights are on and the drive
tries to work but I think the actual
alignment of the drive is faulty. I have
no idea how to fix. I just keep searching
for a replacement drive. I don't give up

Thankfully I have another PCW9512 that works

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