ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2022

Entry 15th October 2022: Post 1: PrinzSound RTR 25 - Record-O-Matic.

PrinzSound RTR 25 - Record-O-Matic.

OK I have now acquired my 4th PrinzSound from the early seventies
and this time it is the cassette recorder, dual power AM/FM AFC
solid state Record-o-Matic no less. I have no further details on
the player but I sense this is the closest to my original RTR 16.

The unit has no fake wood side panels this time and looks better
for having the shiny black plastic surfaces. The cassette player
is compact and of a good weight. Nothing is loose and or floppy.
The only damage is to the very tip of the aerial which is missing.

The buttons are a dream and again predate the accepted cassette
operation piano key symbology, using simple words instead. This
is smaller than the others I have and is more compact. There are
no secret panels in the back and so the front fascia detailing is
replicated on the rear panels. The battery compartment is in the
very base of the cassette unit.

I have to say I am having a hoot an a half putting together my
PrinzSound collection and I still have two in transit. I am still
very hopeful that I will find a version of my original. Given that
these units are easily recognisable from the numbering system it
makes knowing which one you have in the sequence easy to establish.

Anyhoo, I have a few more on the way but for now I have four of
these machines and I do so like collecting old solid state cassette 
recorders, especially as they date nearly 50 years old. History in 
the making at the birth of cassette.

Happy days.

PS My Amstrad ToolKit arrived, so you can guess what I will be
doing tomorrow. It's all go at the moment.

PrinzSound RTR 25 - Record-O-Matic.

I now have Four... Incredible !!

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