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Entry 17th October 2022: Post 1: Amiga Workbench - Helpful disks.

Amiga Workbench - Helpful disks.

I have always enjoyed the helpful disks created to assist on most
Amiga subjects. The use of the Workbench is well provided for with
both PD and magazine cover disk releases. I have shown today four
of my favourites which if you are desperate I can include the ADF
images in a future blog.

The first is the Wizard Software guide to AmigaDOS which covers
all the bases with regard to the various commands. Included with
the guide is a very useful disk which includes all the AmigaDOS
commands found in 'C'. A very easy guide to use and being one that
is lightweight it really makes referencing during working on the
computer a breeze.

The next is the Amiga Computing cover disk for the upgrade to 1.3
dated December 1989. If you are struggling with an older version
of 1.3 then this has to be your first stop for the update. The
disk is not an official Commodore product but holds all the files
on the disk. This becomes a valuable resource when creating your
very own bootable disks. A must really.

Ever wanted to know what those pesky GURU reference codes mean.
Well look no further than the GURU for answers. I do like this
PD disk cus it has on it the ever so amusing BlueEyes that launch
onto your Workbench and follow your mouse around.

Finally the F1 IntroBench that not only has a bootable guide to
read, but also when used from the Workbench, creates a replica of
the Workbench, which when you click on the icons launches a full
AmigaGuide descriptive on just what the icons do. I have used
this particular disk to death and whenever I need to remind
myself of a tooltype or icon I just bang in the disk and click
the respective icon for full details. Incredibly useful. The help
that is the most useful is the descriptive of AmigaDOS that
launches when you click the 'SHELL'.

There are many many such guides on PD disks and I am sure there
are a lot on Aminet. So don't get lost in the Workbench maze. If
you are aver struggling with an operation or process just search
for a suitable guide on disk. It is so much quicker than trying
to work stuff out for yourself.

Amiga Workbench - Helpful disks.

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