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Entry 20th October 2022: Post 1: PrinzSound 77 Radio - 'Teeny Tiny Prinzette'.

PrinzSound 77 Radio - 'Teeny Tiny Prinzette'.

This is probably the smallest PrinzSound I am going to find. Sadly
I have no information about the PrinzSound 77 other than it is a
radio. The unit features the usual fake wood and battery power
which seems to be the norm for the period. Dates again early 70's
one presumes. Just medium and light-wave and no antenna, which is
odd. Very little control and something you just banged up against
your ear I guess as you pranced around in your hippy frizz.

I compare the PrinzSound 77 with another PrinzSound of the period.
I also show the radio with my current Walkman that has the radio

There was a FM version of the 77 called a Grand Luxe and had an
additional front panel of some form. Only seen a picture.

Finally I have a group photograph of my small 70's PrinzSound retro
collection which is steadily growing. The whole lot only cost me
ninety-nine pounds thus far. Shows I guess that you don't have to
spend the earth putting together a collection even today.

Anyway I am on the hunt for more. As ever.

PrinzSound 77 Radio - 'Teeny Tiny Prinzette'.

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