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Entry 21st October 2022: Post 1: Amiga Shopper - Sadly fading fast.

Amiga Shopper - Sadly fading fast.

Not really sure where Amiga Shopper obtained their paper from,
but it is the worst of any magazine for fading. The paper is
quite thick and the spine makes reading a problem. You can never
have the pages open when using next to a computer. That said the
Shopper was always a healthy read. Personally it was never a
favourite of mine given that it was a little wordy.

I was mooching through a few issues of Shopper reading up on
DICE and I was again drawn to my favourite Amiga year, and that
being the very wonderful 1994. So I grabbed a years worth of my
Shopper magazines and photographed the covers. The Amiga was
always a very colourful experience, even when the insides of
the magazine could be a little black and white.

Amiga Shopper is a treasure chest full of information. It may
be wordy but everything in there is pure gold.

Shopper did produce a number of very informative books , some
of which are quite massive in size. Well worth tracking them
down if you can.

Amiga Shopper for December 1994: FUTURE Publishing.

Editor: Richard Baguley
Art Editor: Nick Aspell
Production Editor: Anna Grenstam
Technical Writer: Graeme Sandiford
Contributions: Jeff Walker, Mark Smiddy, Cliff Ramshaw,
Gary Whitely, Dave Winder, Toby Simpson, R Shamms Mortier
and Simon Green.
Cover: John Aladice
Group Ad Manager: Mary de Sausmarez
Ad Manager: Jackie Garford
Deputy Ad Manager: Louise Woods
Sales Executives: Diane Clarke and Dave Matthews
Production Manager: Richard Gingell
Production co-ordinator: Craig Broadbridge
Ad Design: Lisa Withey

And on and on. [ see the picture below ]. I do wonder where
they all are now.

Amiga Shopper - Sadly fading fast.

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