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Entry 28th October 2022: Post 1: Amiga 500 - How many do I own.

Amiga 500 - How many do I own.

It has been a while since I counted in and counted out all of my
A500 and A500Plus machines. It's not like I have added any more
to the collection, though I have been seriously tempted at times.
So why do I have so many ? The simple answer to that is cus I can.
I have spent decades retrieving Amiga 500s from various sources.
Many arrived here broken, busted and neglected. Some were in new
pristine condition. All received the same adoration and love only
befitting of an Amiga. Where items were missing they were replaced
and where items were faulty they were fixed. No machine is ever
left unloved. And believe me I love them all.

I am often called a hoarder. To that I say, you can call me what
I want. The truth is I am a serious collector of all things Amiga
and will continue to do so till the day I die. It is about what
gets your motor running. For me its the click of that floppy drive
that warms my heart every day.

I am a lucky man. I am able to live my dream. I am sorry I cannot
donate any of what I have to those without. Reflect on the fact
that we all began our journey with nothing but a burning desire
to own an Amiga. If you want something that bad you will find a
way. I once drove in the pouring rain on the eve of new years
to a military tank installation to collect an Amiga. It was well
worth it I can tell you driving in the rain across unmade tracks.
I even collected a computer from a lighthouse one night. Seriously.

PS You don't have to be mad to collect old computers. But it helps!!

Amiga 500 - How many do I own.


Amiga 500 - 26 No in total

A-500 Plus - 11 No in total

Making 37 computers in total

My little army of A500's waiting checking

No Amiga 500s were hurt making this blog

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