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Entry 29th October 2022: Post 1: Amiga Shopper - Tracey give-away.

Amiga Shopper - Tracey give-away.

A couple of quickies today for you. First up that plastic gizmo
that was given away with the May 92 edition of Amiga Shopper. A
very simple peripheral that attached to the mouse and then with
the aid of DPaint allowed you to simply trace around images and
transfer to the Amiga. A very simple notion and one that worked
quite well.

My only experience with such a tool was with Intergraph where a
puck was used to create lines and shapes from a series of
instructions traced from a desk based menu. The same basic idea
was used with the early AutoCAD interface. I do have details of
the Datel puck that went with my Genius pad.

The whole process became redundant for me once I was able to
digitize images and transfer them to the Amiga. DPaint has a
very good light table for tracing images. Better was to simply
cut out what you needed and use as a brush.

Amiga Shopper - Tracey give-away.

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