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Entry 30th October 2022: Post 1: Amiga Format - Collectors reference guides.

Amiga Shopper - Tracey give-away.

Someone was asking on the forum the other day the original cost
of the A501 RAM/Clock expansion. It was unusual to find this item
outside of an actual Amiga as it was generally shipped installed
on the Amiga 500. I wasn't able to conclusively determine just
what it's launch price was but I doubt it was much more than cost
shown as original on this box. The search got me rummaging through
my nest of reference books I have here, together with my very own
photo library.

Like many, I have always used magazines as a way of reviewing just
what was available for any given interest I may have, together
with price, quality and contents. This was particularly important
in my early days with the Amiga as there really was no other source
of information, other than word of mouth. I have never gotten out
of the habit and so whenever folk ask for details of any specific
item, I generally grab my special stack of magazines I have next
me here and flick through the various listings.

Most useful were the Amiga Format special publications that were
released to supplement the main magazine with listings of kit,
software, games, books etc. These generally represented the
accumulated review items from the months of publications.

In addition to the main body of hardware and software reference
guides there were also any number of special editions for subjects
such as the Workbench and AmigaDOS etc. These publications could
be often found in special presentation boxes for the computers.
It is well worth seeking out these editions as they are a great
help if you are keen to collect what was available in the day.

Whilst sifting through the various magazines I discovered a PD
game that someone on the forums had actually designed and wanted
to know if anyone had a copy. The game was Crash Bang Wallop and
is featured on PD pages of CUAmiga August 1993. I was reminded
of the Skidmarks game which was released as a commercial game a
little while later. I am still looking to find the PD game.

Amiga Format - Collectors reference guides.

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