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Entry 01st October 2023: Post 1: Sensible World of Soccer - Training.

Sensible World of Soccer - Training.

The other night I decided to break the monotony of WoW and
Dragonflight and play a little Sensible World of Soccer on the
Amiga emulator. All was going swimmingly till I tried to carry
out a little training practice. At this point the emulator just
kinda ignored my instruction. Puzzling.

To explain this let me take a few steps back. Sensible World or
Soccer was not only a joystick slammer game but also introduced
the idea of player/manager. This was further enhanced with the
1995/96 version with also 'Coach'. This last option meant you had
no actual in game control to play with the joystick and entered
a purely simulation mode. There were a number a games around at
the time which were pure managerial and this was Sensible's way
of giving players just this.

It was possible to upgrade your original Sensible World of Soccer
disks by using a number of updates provided on cover disks.

I so loved the coaching of the game cus I could literally let
the game run in the background whilst I did other things. The
disk that I used for both the earlier and later version was well
worn out I can tell you.

Happily later on came the hard disk install disk SWOS and SWOSTED.
By this time I was well versed in just what I had to do to
successfully create a team worthy of European Championship status.
I knew where all the best players were and how to train the team.
Over the years however I had clocked up way more hours playing the
purely floppy disk based version.

Fast forward to my emulator hanging and surprise surprise what I
discovered when I fired up my original hard drive installed game
on the Amiga 1200 was that on clicking COACH game the floppy drive
went into a spin. Whether I ever left the Disk 2 SWOS2 in the
drive I cannot recollect. But with the Disk 2 in place the problem
was solved.

You cannot assign SWOS2 which exists in the hard drive folder cus
the game already knows where that file is and it aint the same as
the floppy disk. So for the training you obviously need the disk.
Nothing for it but to ADF the original Disk 2 or SWOS2 as it's
called and simply have it in the external drive when playing. Problem
solved and I am now able to play Darlington A v Darlington B.

Little tip. When you begin managing your team just sell all your
A team by placing them on the transfer market. Let the game insert
trial players into your team and see which of those becomes a star.
Use your money to buy just one very good striker.

Anyhoo I'm back to the training ground to knock this team into shape.
Poor old Darlington have dropped to the very lower leagues now so
little chance of winning the European Cup ... just yet.

Sensible World of Soccer - Training.

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