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Entry 2nd October 2023: Post 1: Oscar and Dennis - My only disappointment.

Oscar and Dennis - My only disappointment.

Later this month marks the 30 year anniversary of me purchasing my
very first Amiga 1200 computer. The date was 29th October 1993 and
with the exception of the two games that came with the Desktop
Dynamite bundle I really have no complaints. The computer and every
other thing about the Amiga has been a real joy to behold. I never
regret the day I first ventured into Lansdowne Computer Centre to
purchase my Amiga 1200. The greatest pleasure is the fact that after
all these years the computer is still working like the trooper she
is and still giving me endless pleasure.

So why the disappointment ? Well in truth whilst the main bulk of
the Desktop Dynamite package was a hoot and a half, sadly the two
games that came with it were anything but. I have never been a fan
of platform games and the games Dennis and Oscar have to rank as
pretty poor. I sense I only ever played Dennis once.

Oscar was intended, I think to grow into an Amiga mascot, in the
day, but with only the one outing and very little popularity it
failed at the first jump. Dennis was a complete and utter flop
and I sense is kinda forgotten for its truly boring gameplay.

Just to remind folk of the joys of the Desktop Dynamite bundle I
have scanned the special Amiga Format edition that came with the
package. I have also scanned the manuals for both Oscar and Dennis
so that you can have access to the password should you be unfortunate
enough to be playing on the emulator.

For me I went out and purchased three games at the time, Terminator II,
Sensible Soccer and Ishar 2 so I had plenty to play with. I was in
the throws of creating a long animation at the time and used the
Amiga plus Vidi Amiga to scan in my hundreds of drawing sheets. My
memory of those days was sat in my Workshop drawing endlessly into
the night and listening to Phil Collins ... 'Both Sides'.

Link to Phil Collins and Can't Turn Back The Years

30 years of happy days.

Oscar and Dennis - My only disappointment.

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