ScuzzBlog: Diaries October 2023

Entry 3rd October 2023: Post 1: SG ProPad - On fire.

SG ProPad - On fire.

Just a quick easy blog today. In answer to the recent question in
respect of the SG ProPad .. Only red and yellow buttons B and C.
Hope that helps.

I was playing today on three machines, two Amiga 500s and an A600.
The games I played were Batman and Uridium and the controller was
the SG ProPad. The question was, 'do the three buttons all fire?' 
On the one I have only buttons B and C that's red and yellow fire.

I have to say that whilst yesterday I was kinda being less than
complimentary toward platform games, today playing Batman I did
kinda enjoy myself.

I do like getting questions about games cus it gives me the chance
to have a play. So do feel free to ask.

SG ProPad - On fire.

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