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Entry 4th October 2023: Post 1: R-TYPE II - Just press the bloody mouse button.

R-TYPE II - Just press the bloody mouse button.

Yesterday I had fun and games with the SG ProPad on the Amiga
playing a whole raft of games to put the controller through its
paces. The session was not without problems as a number of my
classic disks refused to play ball. Amazingly by close of play
last night I had resolved most of my little issues. This mainly
revolved around differences in using the A600 over the A500.

One problem I did have was with R-Type II, a game that in the
past had run without fault. I know the disk is a cracked game by
Skid Row but it has never normally proved so stubborn.

The problem related to booting into the game from the opening
intro created by Skid Row. I pretty much hit every button on the
keyboard and controller. I swapped out controllers and rooted
out half a dozen more disks. I even tried the game out on the
A1200 in here. No joy.

Anyhoo I then decided to download the ADF and try it out on the
emulator. Incredibly I had exactly the same problem on WinUAE
with the game not responding to key presses from the opening
intro. To exit the emulator I normally click the middle mouse.
In my frustration I simply clicked the mouse and like magic the
game began to run .... DUH !!

Back to the A600 and like magic the game responded to the simple
pressing of the mouse. Did I feel bloody stupid.

Anyway today I treated myself to R-Type II, Uridium, Xenon and
St Dragon. Just shows how Wow's Dragonflight has gotten real
boring when 80/90s fighter shooter scrollers can outgun Blizzard.

Never gets old I guess.

R-TYPE II - Just press the bloody mouse button.

Uridium 2

Interesting !!

The game then starts just as the boxed version

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