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Entry 10th October 2023: Post 1: Amiga advice - I'll shut up.

Amiga advice - I'll shut up.

When it comes to advising a potential Amiga user of the benefits
of the computer and what is best to upgrade it with I sense I am
the least able to do so. I have realised for some time that the
world that I grew up in and populated with all my various gadgets,
gizmos and add-ons, is no longer relevant. Gone are the days of
expanding Amiga computers with SCSI devices.

Today, Amiga users want fast transfer from the internet, they want
Goteks and modern accelerators. None it seems have the time and or
resources to fund the older kit. You can't blame them.

Fortunately for me I have never needed to invest in more modern
solutions and so my experience of using such is zero. This week in
particular has brought home the vast divide between my knowledge
base and the current Amiga users. And so I have decided to shut up.

And so I will leave the field clear for all those clever guys
that use the modern kit to advise sensibly and practically on the
use and expansion of the Amiga. Good luck.

If however you like looking at old stuff and not offended by the
ramblings of an old codger then by all means drop in from time to
time and be amazed at what us Amiga users use to get up to all
those years ago. And if you're lucky I'll share with you my saucy
Kylie Minogue Reko card set. Or not.

Better go, I was in the throws of loading Call of Duty, which I
have on 114856 double density Amiga floppy disks. Man is the disk
swapping a pain. [ That is 92GB ]

Below are some random images from the aged blog of kit that is
well past its sell by date. I'll keep shtum .. Zip it !

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Amiga advice - I'll shut up.

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