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Entry 12th October 2023: Post 1: Amiga Active - All those CDs.

Amiga Active - All those CDs.

It really is amazing what I forgot to do over the years. Like for
instance the feature on the very wonderful Amiga Active magazine.
I had always intended adding the full list of CDs but never did.
Only a year or so late but hey I've done it now.

I did partake of the odd copy of Amiga Active in the late nineties
to early twenties. Sadly I had moved on by that time and whilst I
still used my Amiga, I had long given up trying to compete with
the newer PCs and consoles. Amiga Active on the other hand, and
its brave followers were still living the Amiga dream and very
keen to upgrade their Amigas.

The May 2000 issue is a touch poignant as it coincides with the
demise of Amiga Format. It features in depth discussion about how
to upgrade your Amiga, listing all the current available kit. It
never tempted me as it meant hacking up my beloved A1200 and from
the specs it still wasn't going to cut it with my Win98 machine.

Amiga Active soldiered on for 26 issues and I have them all plus
all 26 CDs. As ever the content is informative and interesting.
The CDs are rich with useful utilities and guides. The promise of
new horizons were always filling the pages. I have lost count of
just how many brave 'next best things' there were for the Amiga.
It may sound a bit negative but for me the last gasp for the
Amiga went with the demise of Escom. I do wish it had been much
much different.

Anyhoo, there is reason for the blog and that is I found a very
good AmigaGuide for AmigaDOS on the 2nd disc. It really was a
source of great interest as it revealed thing that I hadn't even
considered. I liked the explanation of the differences between
the SHELL and the CLI. I also valued the descriptive on the ROM
differences and how many commands became resident.

If you can get a few AA CDs I would certainly recommend it as you
can feed them into an emulator if you don't have the CD on the
Amiga. The magazine really does do a different take on things in
comparison to the other popular magazines of the nineties.

Good hunting.

Amiga Active - All those CDs.

Amiga Active 1

Amiga Active 2

Amiga Active 3

Amiga Active 4

Amiga Active 5

Amiga Active 6

Amiga Active 7

Amiga Active 8

Amiga Active 9

Amiga Active 10

Amiga Active 11

Amiga Active 12

Amiga Active 13

Amiga Active 14

Amiga Active 15

Amiga Active 16

Amiga Active 17

Amiga Active 18

Amiga Active 19

Amiga Active 20

Amiga Active 21

Amiga Active 22

Amiga Active 23

Amiga Active 24

Amiga Active 25

Amiga Active 26

I am not sure if there were any further CDs
after number 26. Correct me if I'm wrong. In truth
sadly I don't think I've looked at any of them

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