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Entry 13th October 2023: Post 1: Dungeons and Dragons - The laws of lore.

Dungeons and Dragons - The laws of lore.

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Not a great fan of the term lore. Just that I hear it so much as
a way of generalising about the content of a fantasy game when
the written word is a little vague. Very often an issue or event
can be contrived to make sense when lore is written into the
story to justify what is happening or has happened. The bit that
annoys me is the way supposed experts in the 'lore' suddenly
start spouting off about facts of lore that have just revealed
themselves drawing upon the fantasy writings of the past to make
some kind of valid argument. Almost as though the events were real.

I often point out that in fantasy you can pretty well make anything
up as you go along to fit whatever scenario you choose to create.
In other words its really just a fantasy so anything goes. Maybe
its cus lore sounds too much like law. Just renders me cold as
fantasy is not factual and lore is not the lore.

In truth I grew up thinking lore was somehow the shorthand for
Lord of the Rings... which links very well with today's diary.

Whilst putting together my index of PC disks and software in the
collection I came across a few very interesting games for the early
PC that are of the DnD genre. I should explain that prior to my
computer years I was heavily into Games Workshop board games and
generally these revolved around the DnD theme. The computer seemed
a natural progression to that interest and allowed me to enjoy
the games as a solo player. Previously I would have needed to
link up with other players to enjoy the games.

And so to the games... starting with the Classic Lord of the Rings

Dungeons and Dragons - The laws of lore.

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings - 1993 Interplay Productions

Box Art

Introduction ... If you do not know the
story.. then seriously, where have you been ?

Character types.. The lifeblood of an
adventure game such as this. Choose your
collected adventurers wisely

The Shires...

The story of the Lord of the Rings is
actually about JRR Tolkien's fear of the
industrial age destroying his beloved
middle England. He uses the destruction
of the forests and the threat to the shires
as a vehicle to highlight the plight of the
conutryside when heavy industry consumes and
destroys. Such a quaint concept.

The game is on CD which is interesting for the period

Next up we have Ultima V Warriors of Destiny

Origin.. the home of the great adventure story game

The box actually has inside the trinket or
magic coin that is used to summon old comrades
back to Britannia... Usual stuff about powers
contained in the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom

The thankyou to all those involved

The player reference card

Getting started and hard disk install notes
You can read more here ....

Next up the earlier Ultima II and Underworld
Labyrinth of Worlds. I would be lying if I said
I had played any of these games. Never been out
of the box. But being a hardened Ishar man and
now a Warcraft veteran I have no doubt what the
games are about... They really are all the same

Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds from 1993
is a first-person role-playing game developed by Looking
Glass Technologies and published by Origin Systems

More adventuring in Britannia

Leaders of Britannia

The all essential essence of magic

Player guide

And reference card to help you along

The genre created by Tolkien just never ends
It successfully transferred from Games Workshop
to computer and now occupies probably the largest
section of the MMO market worlwide. It really is
amazing just how deep the DnD well is in terms
of available games. I recall these early packages
and dipped heavily into the adventures offered

Visting the Games Workshop in the late eighties
was an adventure in itself. The place was heaving
with would-be gamers all seeking escape in their
own hand painted magical world

The computer just avoided the need to build your
own army and the need to have active friend ready
and available to play. With me I just spent all
night long in a dimly lit room losing myself ever
deeper into the caverns of these games. Magical

And available on almost every platform. Cool

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