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Entry 15th October 2023: Post 1: Directory Opus - CU Amiga Tutorial.

Directory Opus - CU Amiga Tutorial.

Following on from yesterday and the Directory Opus blog I decided
to scan the various issues of CU Amiga for 1995 in respect of the
very wonderful tutorials. I have to say I found them very useful
in the day and magazines are very well thumbed. It's a shame that
there is no way to stop the ageing process of paper when placed on
general book shelves. They are not in direct light but still have
gotten very faded at the edges.

The theory behind Directory Opus is quite simple. On the screen
there are two windows. These are called Directory Windows. You can
read a directory into each of these from any device accessible by
the Amiga.You can select files and/or directories in either of these
windows, then manipulate them almost any way you like. Selected
entries can be copied to the opposite window, deleted or renamed;
text files can be read, picture files can be viewed, and sound files
can be heard. Directory Opus offers much more than these 'bare bones'
features .....

In truth Directory Opus is a replacement for your Workbench window
based interface. Once into the Workbench and successfully into DOpus
you really need nothing else other than the installed software. It
will manage all your needs and permit the editing of tooltypes and
system scripts plus mount files and configurations. You can study
the contents of any drawer and interrogate the files including by
default all those pesky hidden files. It lets you archive, compress
and de-crunch files without leaving DOpus. Drawers can be created,
renamed and copied together with moving and copying associated
'info' files.

For me there is no better file manager than DOpus simply cus it
offers endless possibilities in terms of customisation. You can task
so many buttons and menus to undertake a multitude of operations and
basically replace your Workbench from a single easy to use interface.
If you don't have DOpus then get it straight away. If you don't know
how to use DOpus then learn. It really is so important to an Amigan.

Directory Opus - CU Amiga Tutorial.

DOpus IV - What is Directory Opus?

The DOpus companion disks.

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