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Entry 16th October 2023: Post 1: Unarchiving - The face of decrunching.

Unarchiving - The face of decrunching.

I was struck the other day on how little interest there was in
using the Amiga as an actual computer. Guys seemed very happy to
download as many games as humanly possible to feed their Goteks
but when it comes to putting the Amiga to work there is almost
zero enthusiasm. When suggesting a more practical way to archive
and unarchive files by using a file manager the response was
quite staggering ' I know that the Amiga can do this other stuff
but in truth I am only interested in gaming '.

Computing on the Amiga can be now categorised as 'other stuff'. I
am truly shocked. I had not been fully aware of the transition.
I guess the launch of the A500 mini should have given me some
clue as to what was happening.

I was left numb by the realisation and somewhat sad that the
true purpose of the Amiga was being jettisoned so readily in
favour of simple gaming. Upsetting, only insomuch that history
I hope doesn't only remember the Amiga as a kids gaming console.

Anyway, I have created today the first blog for several years that
does not feature a picture. Simply to get across a point without
the aid of pretty pics.

I simply wanted to emphasise the importance not only of archiving
tools but the need to assemble on your Amiga as many of the
crunching and de-crunching tools that you can muster. I for one
have been using DeCruncherFace or 'DFace' in short for decades
and with it a whole raft of de-crunching tools. Most will be aware
of LHA and DMS I guess but these are only a few of the ones that
today can be downloaded from Aminet.

For those unaware of the reason we need archiving tools it harps
back to the days when disk space was at a premium. Not only the
hard disks we had in machines but more importantly the floppy
media that was so limiting in space. So a whole bunch of computer
nerds came up with various packers so that we could ship large
and complex files into simple archives for ease of transmission
and transportation.

Given that there were various packers it was necessary to obtain
not only the relevant packer but the most up-to-date version. The
software or graphical user interface that is DFace is not the
packer/unpacker or de-cruncher in its own right. In support of the
particular packer you will need the actual tool itself. You will
also need to install the tool and maybe even learn how to
configure it.

I cited at the beginning of this blog the resistance to use a
file manager to batch extract LHA files. The reason a file manager
is so simple is cus the DOpus tool button for unarchiving has
already been set up to undertake a number of tasks that the actual
tool itself would require keyboard confirmation. None of which
needs to be defined as the file manager does this for you. DFace
is a GUI that also takes the grind out of undertaking those
de-crunching tasks.

This brings home the need to learn that 'other stuff' I was talking
about earlier cus this is why it was created in the first place. To
better utilise the magical device that is a computer to make life
that much easier. Bewildering in this day an age that I find myself
having to try to explain that simple fact.


DeCruncherFace can be obtained off Aminet. Just search for it.

The packers,archivers and crunchers most recommended are:


Its also worth getting VirusZ

DeCruncherDface came with Amiga User International Vol 10 06 June 1996.

I'm not going to make lazy thumb pushers lives easier by linking 
in to Aminet all those tools. In doing this yourself you may just 
get the desire to partake a little more of that 'other stuff'. I 
do hope so cus its the lifeblood of the platform which appears to 
be losing the core reason for its purpose.

Unarchiving - The face of decrunching.

Sorry there are no pictures today

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