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Entry 17th October 2023: Post 1: Amiga CD32 - Spectacular Voyage plus games.

Amiga CD32 - Spectacular Voyage plus games.

I am currently wading through old blogs trying to track down lost
directories of images. Very often I search my index and fail to
find blogs that I know I created. The reason being that the page
title is obscure and doesn't give a clue as to the content. Also
a lot of the older blogs do not carry an image in the heading. OK
today I was trying to find my CD32 disc images. I knew I had them
somewhere. I don't have many games for the CD32. Suffice to say
I have found them and I have now tagged them to a blog I did
regarding the mint in box CD32 Spectacular Voyage I have.

Nothing heavy here, just a CD32 that is in its original box and
still has all its component parts sealed in plastic. Was sold to
me by a shop that advertised as brand new so I do not doubt it
has never been used. I did take the CD32 out of its plastic bag
just to check. The label's plastic cover has shrunk back and pulled
the actual label off the unit. The perspex cover to the CD still
has the clear plastic protection on it.

I am not minded to remove any of the contents from their plastic,
not even the games manuals and documents. It will, for while I
live and breath, be incarcerated in its wrapping and stored in a
very dark place.

Sad maybe.... but I do have a few CD32s so I'm not troubled.

So here we have a very plastic protected Spectacular Voyage.

What better way to compliment your CD32 but with a bevvy of Amiga
CD32 games. Classic.

Amiga CD32 - Spectacular Voyage plus games.

CD32 Games

H A N G - O N !!!!

Open that CD case now

What are you trying to pull ?

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