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Entry 19th October 2023: Post 1: Amiga 2000 - Amy jumped ship.

Amiga 2000 - Amy jumped ship.

Yesterday I discovered my earliest blog relating to my beloved
A2000 machine called Amy. She has always been a source of some
amusement as she has a label on that reminds me that she is a
computer and I should not switch off. Evidently in another life
she had been stationed at a waterworks plant. What I discovered
inside when I first received the computer was a drive filled with
Eric Schwartz animations.

What puzzled me was that the Amiga 2000 featured in the blog is
not Amy. And yet the drive inside is the GVP hard drive with the
Eric Schwartz animations on it. The issue is why when I had
discussed the Amiga 2000 with the yellow label on the front did
I not feature that computer. More bewildering is how Amy jumped
ship and found her way back to the original machine with the
label on .... Curiouser and curiouser.

I don't have an answer. Also, so far I have not been able to track
down the A2000 on the blog. I managed to enhance the serial number
of the original and it is not the same as the A2000 with the
yellow label on.

Here is the blog from December 3rd 2006 plus the images together
with the actual images of Amy.

Answers on a postcard.

Date: December 3rd 2006

Subject 01: Collection Advent Calendar : Amiga 2000
Subject 02: OpalVision Card
Entry 0003: Blogs: 2

Hi... My goodness Day 3 already.

Anyway to my third in this C-A-R Advent Calendar thingy...

And to the Amiga 2000 no less.

No other Amiga that I have collected is so robust. You really can
chuck this machine around a lot and never fails to work. The case
is bullet proof :-) or so it seems, and takes a great deal of
hammering. The amount of uses this machine was put to is enormous
and the stories of users when selling  are varied and fascinating.
Like this one.

scuzz blog... Amiga 2000 A collectors dream.

I won this A2000 off the Bay and when I contacted the seller he
knew very little about the computer.  For the last ten years it
had been used to prop open a door to his sons bedroom. The machine
he believed had been used in a water treatment works. There was a
label on the front that said.. ' This is a computer do not switch
off '. He really was just glad to see it go. He didn't think it
worked as nothing happened when he switched it on.

Anyway the A2000 arrived safely and I plugged in. You got the boot
screen so that was great. I decided to check inside... Whoo hooo...
There was a GVP hard drive and scsi controller with hard drive. I
plugged the drive in and pressed the old button... To my surprise
there was a fully customised version of Amiga 1.3 but with a twist.
The hard drive was filled to the brim with Eric Schwartz animations,
cartoons, art work etc etc. I mean, it was endless. I must have
spent hours going through the drive and still to this day haven't
looked at everything.. A real treasure.

I have many A2000s, and never turn them away. I have some which
are fully loaded with accelerator etc, and even one with an A1200
inside.But, my favourite is this A2000, the hard drive of which I
will treasure always. We often talk about the hardware, but sadly
I guess the software and works of others, are generally lost when
kit is sold. The amount of hours computer users put into their
machines that just get discarded is very very sad... For my part,
I still have pretty well everything I have ever created on computer,
and that goes back to my ZX81, Spectrum, PCW9512 and Amigas plus
the PC stuff. And on the whole I still have all these machines
working. I know we are a forward thinking society but occasionally
its nice to go back.... Looking at the sum of our achievements is
great when you have a computer that records that fragment of your
history. I do love looking back at mine...

Of late I seem to be both collecting other peoples past, and
helping folk retrace their past by sending copies of stuff from
the collection, sometimes even their own work.

Anyway to Eric Schwartz and an extract from Area97 on my website..
A tribute to a ' Great Survivor '

Lest we forget....

A few words from Eric

'The Amiga is also a testament to having advantages that double
as disadvantages. The Amiga has custom-made graphic and sound
chips that are heavily interdependent with the main processor
and the OS. This means graphics, animation, video, and multimedia
applications are very powerful, fast, and capable regardless of
the processor speed. It also means it's not so simple to set up a
retargetable display (it's easier now than it used to be) or
change the system over to a faster processor type such as PowerPC.
The Amiga has a very efficient graphic operating system with
preemptive multitasking that uses little memory (under 1 meg)
and disk space (a minimal system can run from a DD floppy).
It doesn't take much imagination to guess the benefits of
such a system, considering the Mac and PC can't match it's
efficiency, and probably never will. Unfortunately, a lightweight
system doesn't match the other's feature set and polish, such
as built in networking, virtual memory, and a Minesweeper game.
There are other examples in this vein, but you get the idea.
The Amiga is far from a perfect computer platform, but nothing
else is either. I prefer the Amiga, pure and simple. I admit,
you have to work to get the stuff you want for it, but I look
at it as a classic car sorta thing. It's a lot easier to live
with a new overpriced Toyota fatass car, if I didn't have any
pride or spirit in me, but I'll stick it out for as long as
it takes with my Amiga Mustang with the rust spots in the rear
fender and laugh at you all. A lot of you might be saying
"It's only a computer!", to which my response is "It's only a car.
It's only a college. It's only a religion." There's a lot less
difference from your own causes than you might think, so don't
bug me about being an Amiga advocate until you can tie a name
to your computer, and 'Packard Bell' doesn't count.'

Eric W. Schwartz 

[ end quote ]

I`ll say no more


Amiga 2000 - Amy jumped ship.

Commodore Amiga 2000

New Amiga 2000 arrival

a2000 a2000 a2000 a2000

a2000 a2000 a2000 a2000

a2000 a2000 a2000 a2000

Amiga 2000 - Home of Amy.

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