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Entry 31st October 2023: Post 1: Amiga 1200 - Still crazy in love after 30 years.

Amiga 1200 - Still crazy in love after 30 years.

She is 30 years old today and still working without fault. Booted
straight into the Workbench as she always has. Few things in my
life have given me so much pleasure. In truth I would be totally
lost without her. Who would have thought that thirty years on from
that very first day I switched her on I would still be crazy in
love. There are no other words to describe the relationship I have
with this computer.

Anyhoo... here's to the next thirty. She will definitely outlive me.

Amiga 1200 - Still crazy in love after 30 years.

A1200 Desktop Dynamite

It really is amazing how well this box
has lasted over the years.

It's not like I made extra effort
particularly in the earlier years.

Even the base has survived. Quite incredible.

The sticker identified the A1200 has being
fitted with an 80MB hard drive.

Two games and two applications came with
Desktop Dynamite. Plus Workbench 3.0 disks.

All held in this neat little presentation box.

Inside is the paperwork and the books.

The actual 80MB hard drive that was fitted
the day I brought the A1200 home.

She was replaced with a 350MB hard drive
a year later. Sadly the drive broke whilst
being used in someone else's computer.

Always carry a spare pack with you.

The very magical DeluxePaint IV.
Dunno where I would have been without
this particularly the animation software.

Wordworth was generally fine, though in
truth not my favourite word processor.

Can't play Oscar cus if I do that
blasted music just goes round in
my head all day long.

Dreadful game.. Sorry.

Books that mark the beginning of everything.

Disks that were copied and safely tucked away.

These are not the actual originals.

All my originals are in this disk box.

Note the little 'X' on the labels.

Dennis game 'leaflet'

And you need the booklet out all
the time cus of the code needed to
play the game. So annoying.

Wordworth... Which also needs the code.

I copied down the most important key
codes onto a handy bit of card I kept
next to the Amiga at all times.

The spine on these books is way too rigid.

I much prefer the earlier ring bound books.

You get the hard drive supplement if you
have the hard drive ready fitted.

Magical AGA.

Again the spine being too rigid makes
the book unusable to be honest.

Plethora of never ending leaflet updates.

Offers on sale.

The warranty.

I actually purchased the extra cover.

I also registered the Wordworth software.

My original receipt 29th October 1993.

My down payment for the 1942 monitor
which sadly never surfaced as Commodore
went bust before it arrived.

The cover was very useful cus I did
have to call them out once.

I do not have the DOS version for 3.1.

Just a comment really and it's about the world
of today. You just sense that all those guys
at Amiga wanted to share and celebrate their
product. So what we get is books on everything
plus all the disks etc.

Fast forward to today and the makers of the OS
couldn't care less and give you nothing. So sad.

Finally the jewel in the crown. My
original 1993 Amiga 1200.

Amazing that she has never ever let me down

Sits with the BBC and shares a monitor
with another PC for networking

Has the Blizzard SCSI KIT and rear port

So I can use the external SCSI drives
Also has the PCMCIA Ethernet connected
to a hub and several other computers

A nest of SCSI... or 'scuzz'

All drives work and maintain a quite
important historical Amiga brain of
mine spanning over 25 years now.

A thing of beauty is a joy for 'ever'

A am truly a lucky man to have been
blessed with such a wonderful friend

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