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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2017

Entry 2nd September 2017: Post: 1

Amiga In-Active

For some reason I have never been a big fan of the CD on the
Amiga. Even following the demise of CU Amiga and the launch
of Amiga Active, when CD just was all there was, I just never
bothered. Its not like I don't have many... I have shelves
of the things, but, I just never use them.

I have loads and loads of CDs filled with Amiga related programs
and games and articles. I have a large collection of CD32 games
plus any number of PD disks, Aminet volumes, demo CDs etc. But
I still prefer the good old floppy or at a stretch the ZIP.

And so for me the CD's tend to be 'in-active' rather than what
the name suggests on the labels below.

The very last CU Amiga

Shelves full of Amiga CDs

Shelves full of Amiga CDs

Stacked piles of Amiga CDs

'Amiga Stuff' - I have tubs full of Amiga
related CDs and I doubt I ever look at them

My beloved Chant Amiga 1200 which has been
active since Nov 93. SCSIKit on Blizzard IV
running external SCSI ZIP, 2 x SCSI hard drives
CD-ROM drive. PCMCIA ethernet networked and running
on a Samsumg flat screen. The BBC-B also uses the
same flat screen monitor. The Amiga external XL HD drive
sits on top of the BBC external 5.25" drive. All work.

So many Amiga CDs its all I can call them ' Stuff '

Amiga Active 1

Amiga Active 2

Amiga Active 3

Amiga Active 4

Amiga Active 5

Amiga Active 6

Amiga Active 7

Amiga Active 8

Amiga Active 9

Amiga Active 10

Amiga Active 11

Amiga Active 12

Amiga Active 13

Amiga Active 14

Amiga Active 15

Amiga Active 16

Amiga Active 17

Amiga Active 18

Amiga Active 19

Amiga Active 20

Amiga Active 21

Amiga Active 22

Amiga Active 23

Amiga Active 24

Amiga Active 25

Amiga Active 26

I am not sure if there were any further CDs
after number 26. Correct me if I'm wrong. In truth
sadly I don't think I've looked at any of them

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