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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2017

Entry 4th September 2017: Post: 3

Rubber Band Man

After months of repairing various 3" drives on Amstrad machines
earlier this year I thought I would never see an end to the
dreaded rubber drive belts. The task now is to keep the drives
active and in truth that simply means switching them on. So on
a regular basis I track around the various computers I have
and fire up the drives.

Remembering my days of busted belts

And the joy of replacing them. Tricky.

First up is the ZX Spectrum+3. This machine has
a dodgy display. The computer runs fine but on
the SONY it has a faint vertical striping on screen
Otherwise works without fault. Was broken and the
drive just flew around until I replaced the belt.

The boot screen that directs you to the +3

Small test program to see if the drive is working
Note the colour washing and blurring. It was because
of this that I dumped the Spectrum in the end and
got myself an Amstrad PCW9512

The second of my repaired +3 computers

The second of my repaired +3 computers

The screen on this computer is much better

Both computer drives reporting no errors

I did not need to repair the Tatung Einstein

The drive works without fault as does on my
second Einstein. Great computer this.

The screen on this is way better than the Spectrum

Sadly very little software in circulation

The drive on the Amstrad CPC664

My favoured 3" is the CPC6128 of which I repaired
the drives on three. Albeit one computer has since
developed a fault. Work in progress there

The computer needs a dedicated Amstrad monitor so
without one your stuffed really

The disk drive tends to be used for standing stuff
on and they are all generally scratched.

The PCW8256 that I repaired and works fine

My beloved PCW9512 which was also repaired
earlier this year and now is fired up every
day just to make sure she is running fine

For close on six years I used my 9512 for all
my computer needs. The computer was hammered
I primarily used the computer for all my work
needs and in the creation of books, games and
data bases. I was so sad when she died.

I did buy another earlier this year but was
unable to fix her. However it made me have a go
at my busted machine and now she works fine

Two repaired external DDI-1's for the CPC464

And finally the repaired drive in the 6128plus

So that is the tour of the 3" drives. If you have
one then here is a tip. Use it or lose it.

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