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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2017

Entry 7th September 2017: Post: 3

2B or not 2B

Nier: Automata - Story Summary

As a preface I did have a way more revealing image of this character but as a studied the game more I found the imagery of the female character less relevant. To check out maybe visit Deviant Art and type in Yorha 2B OK.. My experiences playing games generally follow the same pattern. I get drawn in by the imagery and then get seduced by the game trailers and eventually I start playing the game and then I'm hooked. The game takes on a different form at that point as you become associated with the characters and the story. The character assumes a kinda pixel personality and you feel compelled to protect. I can recall endless hours playing Tomb Raider and sensed Lara just took my efforts to keep her alive for granted. This character 2B has already started to grow on me and the images in the pictures become almost degrading of the female scripted in the game. The games makers use her sexuality as a vehicle but it is others that manipulate the game imagery to the extremes shown in these pictures. And so the pictures are the bi-product of the game and so if you never become associated with the game I guess the trivialisation of a sexual object is bound to happen. I find it rather strange that players will spend an eternity trying to look up a 3D model's skirt of a female character in a game, when there are countless images and videos of real females showing way more on the internet. Also, artists and scan artists will take great pleasure in showing erotic images of game characters when again there are so many images all over the net of real women and men. I am no better. I was drawn to the imagery, but as ever now wish I could hook up a PS4 and play the game. Just as happened with Bayonetta , the character grows and grows in significance and you feel it is your calling to fight with her through the whole game. It matters not whether it is a female in the end. In God of War or Timesplitters the main character is male and so you battle with both just as you would with Lara or Kasumi. It was rather odd playing Beach Volleyball with Kasumi. It just never felt right in truth. Not a game I played very much. I just know that when I play as I do games like Bayonetta , there is a deeper truth to the female in the game. They are always strong, independent, clever and in some ways cynical of their own sexuality. What that does is make you less intoxicated by their charms and more subservient to their needs, gaming wise. I have played many many MMOs and yes I have created female characters. But , in truth they eventually dominate me and make me feel like the idiot for choosing to play the female. The female in games do tend to be strong, and so I have no fears that YoRHA 2B will come out on top irrespective of how many times folk show her knickers in pictures. For me I do wish I could play the game. Unfortunately I think I will pass this time.... Wouldn't want to upset Bayonetta. I would also need to buy a PS4... not going to happen.

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