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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2017

Entry 9th September 2017: Post: 1

New Arrivals

New for 2017

Those that visit the site regularly and have followed my exploits collecting computers over the years realise that I kinda stopped formal collecting in April 2008 with a more determined closure of acquisitions in 2010. Whilst I made a conscious effort to avoid bringing further kit to the house I was gifted a couple of large collections leading up to the 2010 moratorium. Following that I have been good to my word and kinda stopped... [ so funny ] Anyway, following events of December 2016 I was able to gain full access to the collection and particularly rooms where computers and kit had been stored under dust covers. My intention this year was to test as much of the kit as possible and where necessary replace and repair where I could. And so in doing this I have needed to acquire the odd thing. This meant venturing into the dangerous world of Ebay. I did give in a couple of times with the odd purchase but I am pleased that I avoided further purchases. As hard as it was. Below are the odd items that found there way here during the last 9 months with the major addition being the Win10 computer which set me back close on 850. Waste of time in the end as I repaired the Win7 machine by fitting a new graphics card.

PowerPack No 4 for the C64

PowerPack No 40 for the C64

PowerPack No 6 for the C64

PowerPack No 23 for the C64

PowerPack No 8 for the C64

Alice in Videoland for the C64

MS-DOS for the 1060 with A2088/A1060 Utilities

A600 4GB 2.1 WHLOAD CF Harddrive

CP/M Plus Version 3.0 for the C128

Parrot 5.25" case with MS-DOS

Avalon disks for the C64

1764 RAM Expansion Utility

GW BASIC Interpreter 3.2

EYE for the Amiga

Einstein User Volume 1 Number 1

Popular Computing Nov 84

Popular Computing Dec 83

Cool World Amiga

Software for the C64

Two gender changers for the Acorn 3000

PCW9512 Locoscript and CP/M system disks

Quite a number of replacement disk belts
all now installed. Plus scart connectors
for the C64 and BBC computers.

Drive belts when replaced

Battery replacement for the BBc Master

Elvira video

PCW9512 computer system


DELL Inspiron 3668 Windows 10 machine
Purchased new from DELL. Subsequently I
repaired the HP Win7 machine and so the
DELL machine was mothballed.

DELL Inspiron 3668 Windows 10 machine

Inspiron Desktop 3668
7th Generation Intel(R) Core i7-7700
(8MB Cache up to 3.60GHz
16GB DDR4 at 2400MHz
128GB SSD+1TB GB 7.2k HDD
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti with 2GB DDR5
Windows 10 Home ( 64Bit)
McAfee LiveSafe

DELL Inspiron 3668 Windows 10 machine

Had the machine been running Windows 7 it
would have been OK. Sadly it runs Windows 10
which is a glorified mobile phone application
and consequently a large load of doo doo !!
Just can't use the thing. Serious nonsense

NVIDIA GTX 460 replacement for the HP

Thank goodness I was able to mend the Win7
machine or I don't know what I would have
done. In truth Macs are not my thing and I
just can't be doing Linux. I would have had
to acquire another Win7 machine somehow.

All is fine and the Win7 runs without fault
This will be my last real computer I guess
They just don't make computers any more....
I don't have or want a mobile phone. Let alone
a computer that behaves like one. Junk !!!!

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