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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2017

Entry 9th September 2017: Post: 2

Origin Known

Whilst the origin of this very large folder of 1980s disks
is known the reason why it found its way into the collection
is a complete and utter mystery. I was sifting through some
old paperwork and getting rid of a whole bag of stuff when
I turned over this large folder. I had no idea it was full
of 5.25" disks from the 1980s.

I'm sure this will make Bill laugh .. or not

Windows Version 1.03

Wordstar Professional

Pascal MT Version 2.2

GW BASIC MS-DOS Supplemental and MS-DOS 3.2

GW BASIC MS-DOS Supplemental and MS-DOS 3.2
Disk Out

WordPerfect 2

TextMagic + CP/M 86 Pascal MT

Microsoft Windows 1.03 1986-87

Supercalc + BASIC 86

Supercalc on 3.5"

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